FAQs on funding

After looking through our site, you may still have some unanswered questions.  Below are some frequently asked questions which may be of help to you.

Will my Local Authority fund Mary Hare?

Funding is decided on an individual basis dependent on your child's needs.  We work with almost all Local Authorities.  Around 50% of places are funded from the start.  The other 50% will require further talks and possibly a tribunal to decide an outcome.  You will get support from us through this process.

My child has made good progress at Primary School but I am unsure about our local Secondary School.

Secondary school is a very different place!  Why has your child done well at Primary School?  Is it because it is a smaller environment?  Or maybe he or she has made friends easily and does not feel different?  Consider these reasons and decide what type of secondary environment would be right for your child.  Make sure you know how much progress your child has made and why.  This will then help you justify your choice of secondary school.

What support will I get for a tribunal?

If you are appealing about the name of school in the EHCP then you have 2 months from the date of the letter to register your appeal.  Once you know the date of your tribunal, let us know.  We will support you through the process alongside a Family Officer or Educational Lawyer.  We will help you put your case before the independent tribunal and will send one or two members of staff as witnesses on the day.

How are international students funded?

International students are generally privately funded.  A year's fees are payable in advance.