FAQs on our Entry and Assessment procedure

After looking through our site you may have other questions.  We have included below some questions that parents frequently ask.

Does my child need a statement or EHCP to come to Mary Hare?

Yes.  Pupils are funded by their Local Authority and Mary Hare is the named school on their EHCP.

How do you consider applications for each age group?

The entry procedure is the same for all age groups in that every pupil must be assessed before an offer of a place can be made.  The length of stay for an assessment will differ according to your child's age.

Do you have an over subscription criteria?

No.  We do not cap new pupil numbers annually.  We will assess every pupil who wishes to apply for a place at Mary Hare regardless of existing numbers.

Has anything changed due to Covid-19?

Yes.  We are still welcoming family visits and also carrying out assessments, but we will ask you to complete a Covid-19 questionnaire before coming to Mary Hare School.  We will also ask that you read and comply with out visitor guidelines.

What is an independent assessment?

An independent assessment covers Speech and Language, Educational Psychology and Audiology.  There are two main centres in the UK for independent assessments:

The Burwood Centre

When should my child be assessed?

We assess throughout the academic year.  However, for Year 7 entry we assess your child in the Autumn term of Year 6.  If you are considering Mary Hare for your child, the sooner you get an assessment, the sooner you will be able to consider the options and discuss with your Local Authority.

What assessments do you do with my child?

We use 10 activities to build a profile of your child and his or her strengths and weaknesses.  These activities will include:

  • small group discussion
  • reading
  • verbal and non verbal reasoning
  • quantitative reasoning
  • grammar

We also check your child's ability to work in partnership with a Teacher of the Deaf (TOD).  These assessments will then enable us to identify a class or group in which your child will thrive and get all the support required.  Because we are a big school, we can do this.

Will my child be offered a place?

In exceptional circumstances, we may find that your child needs an approach to their education that we do not have the expertise to deliver.  This is, however rare.

Does my child need to prepare for the assessment?

There is no preparation required.  We recognise that a deaf child may be behind linguistically and academically.  We are skilled in seeing the potential in your child.  We also know we have the expertise to accelerate your child's learning.

My child is a bsl user.  How will he or she cope in your setting?

We work with children with all levels.  All pupils are encouraged to use their voice in class and to use English as the first language to access the curriculum.  We are very experienced in helping your child to use his or her voice even if bsl has been the main language at home.  We provide the ideal setting for your child to make this change and to thrive.