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Art & Design - Fine Art

Why study Art and Design - Fine Art?

Are you creative? Do you have an artistic flair? Can you think outside the box? If so, this course is for you! Fine Art offers you the opportunity to explore a wide range of skills and practical techniques. With determination, students enjoy all aspects of the course and achieve great success. The Art and Design department encourages you to be independent and experimental to push those learning boundaries. We welcome original thought!

What does the course cover and what is expected of you?

The course itself is intensive and split across two years.

Year 1 - AS Level

  • Component 1 - Portfolio of work; this will include an extended themed practical project running throughout the year.
  • Component 2 - External set assignment.

Year 2 - A Level

  • Component 1 - Personal Investigation - this is a practical investigation supported by written material.
  • Component 2 - External set assignment.


Students will be guided through their coursework and contextual studies. Individual tuition and back-up technical support in addition to coursework notes will be provided. We would like you to keep and develop sketchbooks to record your artistic journey. You will need to research and analyse the works of different artists to help develop your practical exploration. Group critiques help develop students’ confidence in presenting their work and ideas. DVD, power points and slide presentations are used for Art History and Contextual Studies. Students are encouraged to make independent visits to galleries

Regular visits are arranged to both local and national exhibitions at Art Galleries and Museums. Artist workshops and talks are arranged for students.  Life drawing classes are arranged for Year 13 students.

Educational visits abroad have been arranged when numbers permit

Individual development will be expected in the form of both practical and written research. Due to the time consuming nature of this subject, students will be expected to attend extra tuition to maintain steady development of their work. In advanced level study you should expect to spend 8 hours a week on work in addition to class work. This will include assessments set by teachers and background reading or practical exploration.

Where can it take you?

A-Level Art and Design is a valid advanced level qualification to any University or College. Many students progress to Foundation and Degree courses in Art and Design, e.g. Fine Art, Three Dimensional Studies, Graphic Communication, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Performance Art, Architecture, Graphic Design, Fashion and many more. There are a large number of openings for a career in Art and Design.

Entry requirements

Grade A-C at GCSE would be expected. Consideration would be given to a candidate with a strong portfolio of work.

Courses assessment


  • Component 1 - Portfolio of work (60% of final marks)
  • Component 2 - Externally set assignment (40% of final marks)

A Level

  • Component 1 - Personal Investigation (60% of final marks)
  • Component 2 - Externally set assignment (40% of final marks)

Non-examination assessments set and marked by the centre and moderated by AQA.

Exam Board


Student View

"It is not about what you know but what you discover.”

“If you have the passion and motivation for Art and Design then come and explore!”

“When I started this course I had no idea that I would get the opportunity to work with so many different two and three-dimensional materials. There is no limit to the size of work you can create. I feel I have been on a voyage of discovery.”