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Greenham Trust award emergency COVID fund

Greenham Trust have today, awarded Mary Hare Primary School £10k from their COVID 19 Emergency Fund.

The Emergency Fund, set up by Greenham Trust was set up to help local charities and organisations supporting the elderly and vulnerable during COVID.

Mary Hare Primary has been continuing support and education of its pupils via online learning platforms.  This has enabled the pupils to continue learning during lockdown as well as keep in touch with the teachers and peers, therefore benefiting their education and mental well being during the difficult period of COVID.

Some of the funding will be used to purchase laptops and ipads which will prove invaluable for their ongoing learning, not just in the classrooms but also for things such as one to one speech and language therapy sessions.  Some year groups have not returned to school so it will also enable those at school to keep in touch with their friends via supervised sessions after school.

The school is absolutely delighted to receive these funds and know that it will make a huge difference to its pupils.