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It's a Knockout Sunday for Mary Hare

On Sunday 12th September, Mary Hare fielded two teams in the 'It's a knockout Contest' organised by Spotlight UK.  Spotlight is a charity that supports young people and children in local communities.  In total eight teams from local businesses and charities battled it out on a course with props used in the original TV series.  KiriLynn tells us how the day went:

The six games included:

Castle sponge challenge - throwing sponges to each other and then over the castle to the catcher who had to wring them out to collect the water, the most water in the bucket wins. Mary Hare teams challenged each other and  Team 1 just beat Team 2!

Bouncy relay - where three people had to jump on a large space hopper together in a relay race - Team 2 smashed this! They were fantastic. Team 1  couldn't do this, and Mr Britten ended up just dragging us over the finish line!

Up and over - had lots of foam and water . We had to get all the teams over as many as possible. It was so difficult we only managed to get four of our team over it!  Whereas Team 2 again smashed it - they were super-fast and competitive! 

Giants  (from the original tv show) -  We had to dress up a team member in a giant costume with huge shoes and plod along the mats (but the mats were being pulled from underneath you). Adam Wilks was super-fast and only fell over twice whereas Paul in Team 2 came last and kept falling over. Liesl and Ed were trying to help him but it didn't work!  

Penguins was a penguin tag sumo race. Dressed up in a penguin outfit you had to run around and push out your opponents. Ed was great at this and won his round. Rebecca however went down and was out after two attempts!

Water obstacle involved wearing a builder's hat with a pint of water running over the obstacle course hurdles whilst trying not to spill the water!! Great fun to end the day and we got very wet!! Team 1 did well at this one.  

Overall,  it was a lovely day out raising money for some great causes .  Team 1 came 3rd with a bottle of champagne that we sprayed over the other teams!!!   The  Mary Hare Teams raised £925 for Mary Hare.

Team 1

  1. Kiri-Lynn Gardner (Activities Coordinator/TA)
  2. Adam Wilkes (teacher)
  3. Becky Withers (HR)
  4. Barry Withers (Becky's husband)
  5. Sarah Read (HR)
  6. Rebecca Romanovsky (speech)
  7. Miss Blackett (english)
  8. Mr Britten (ex-maths)
  9. Laura Young (Cover Supervisor)

Team 2

  1. Liesl Britten (Exams)
  2. Mr Thompson (Vice Principal) 
  3. Mrs Lethbridge (sendco)
  4. Mr Askew (Vice Principal) 
  5. Ed Rose (Primary School and 6th Form)
  6. Elly Crew (TA, Primary School)
  7. Rachel Solly (teacher, Primary School)
  8. Charlie Mellor (speech)
  9. Paul Symes (vocational)