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It's more than just a footprint

Beard Construction have been making excellent progress over the summer holidays on the new primary school build.  What was once a muddy hillside with markers in the ground has now become a very visible site for our wonderful new primary school.

Recent drone shots show the extent and footprint of the build.  The 'D' shape is the final footprint and the boarding house shape is also complete as a footprint although the build will eventually be much higher.

It took three weeks to complete the steel frame which required an enormous crane to set it in place.  The frame used 65 tonnes of steel!  Building on a slope brought its own difficultiesd.  A drain was installed along the existing road to take away any excess water running off the slope.  The rain that was experienced over the summer did cause the slope to become a bit slippery due to its clay foundation and at times the site resembled a bog!  The first priority was to install a road up to the new school site which allowed site traffic to move easily, regardless of the weather.

The next stage of the project is the boarding house.  This will consist of a concrete frame and is due to be completed by the end of October.  After that, the metal deck roof sheets will be laid and the roof will be installed, just in time for the Autumn/Winter weather!