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Look Beyond

'Look Beyond' is the theme for this year's National Apprenticeship Week.  Students and employers are being asked to 'look beyond' to encourage a more diverse workforce as well as range of apprenticeships and careers.

Many pupils leave Mary Hare to pursue an apprenticeship and regularly tell us how they have progressed in their careers.  Pupils leave the school with confidence and the skills to work and study in the outside world.  We caught up with Maddie who left Mary Hare in 2018 to become a Digital Journalist Apprentice for the BBC.


Tell us about the application process.  Was it difficult?

It was a long process I have to admit involving a number of rounds.  To begin with I had to explain why I want to be a journalist. This was an easy question for me.  I have known I have wanted to be a journalist since I was 5 when my hearing started to deteriorate.  By the time I was 7  I had lost my hearing completely.  From this point onwards, writing became even more important to me.

In the second round I did a video interview during which I was asked why?  Why did I want to work for the BBC as a Journalist?  I explained that I wanted to help under represented audiences, not just deaf, but all groups.  I want to see more news articles about these groups.

Round 3 lasted for about 6 hours!  It involved an interview and some team building tasks.  We had been asked to research an article on the NHS turning 70 years old and then to make our own presentation.  I focussed on deafness and produced a timeline of milestones in the NHS for things such as technology and services.


What do you think the BBC were looking for during this process?

Employers want to see that you can collaborate and share ideas - that you can take on ideas from others and not just stick to your guns.  As an Apprentice you must remember that others know more than you so you must be willing to listen and learn.


What projects have you been working on since you joined the BBC?

I have been working on The Travel Show which has been really fun.  It is about a man who travels around the US on a motorbike with his dog!  The dog has learnt to ride on the back of his mortorbike which I thought was quite novel!  We follow his ups and downs.  Unfortunately I did not get the chance to go to the US - maybe next time!  I was working on social media and anything online basically.  I am also required to find stories for The Travel Show which I love because it means doing a lot of researching.  There is always something new and exciting to follow up.


What are your plans for when you complete your apprenticeship?

There is a guaranteed job at the end of the apprenticeship (as long as I don't mess up!).  I will apply for jobs within the BBC.  I want to remain in journalism and hopefully will continue working on social media.  I would love to stay working in London at New Broadcasting House.