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Rising Star Danny, in film with Aaron Paul

Danny Murphy one of our Year 9 pupils was chosen to star alongside Aaron Paul in the forthcoming thriller, The Parts you Lose.  Danny was successful after auditioning for the role of a deaf boy Wesley, and will star opposite Aaron Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (playing Wesley's mum, Gail).  Production started in Canada in December 2017 and the film is due to be released late 2018 early 2019.

Producer, Tom Williams said, 'watching Danny on set, it was really hard to believe that this is his first film.  As a person, he has this wonderful, exuberant energy but could transform effortlessly into the shy, withdrawn character in the movie.  Everyone, especially Aaron Paul, was truly impressed with Danny's talent.'

Whilst in Canada, Danny visited Manitoba School for the Deaf as well as a Jets game where he got to press the buzzer live on tv.  Danny also got to visit the Human Rights museum and Manitoba Zoo.

We interviewed Danny to learn more about his experience.

What age did you start acting?

I started at 10 years old with acting lessons.

Can you tell us about the auditions you had to go through for 'The Parts you Lose'?

To start with, I did a 2 minute clip on the ipad when I was in my boarding house at school.  I sent this to my mum who sent it to the film company.  My clip was one of the ones that got chosen.  I think about 50 young people auditioned in total.  I went to Canada with some other for a full audition.  I went first class on the plane which was great!  The seats were like pods and the food and drink was great!

For the audition, I had to  meet the Director in a small room in front of a camera.  I had to act the part of Wesley and the Director pretended to be Aaron Paul's part in the film.  It was quite fun but also a bit scary.  After that I flew home.  Two days later I heard I had got the role!  I was so happy.

Tell us a bit about the role you are playing.

I play the part of Wesley.  He is a young deaf boy from a hearing family.  He struggles in the community.  He makes friends with a fugitive (played by Aaron Paul), who is hiding in the barn.  That's all I can tell you right now!

What was your daily film schedule like in Canada?

I started filming at 7 a.m.  I had breaks to do my school work and breaks to relax.  I generally finished filming at 8 p.m. every night.  It was tiring but was a great experience for me.  I made friends with Aaron Paul - he is really funny.

The Director's name was Chris and I made up a signing name for him which meant 'again'.  This is because he kept asking me to do more takes!

What other interesting things did you do while you were in Canada?

I had one free day a week and tried to do lots of things in that free time.  I visited a deaf school in Manitoba, I went to eat out at restaurants, I went to a zoo and I also went to a hockey match where I got to press the button at a live game. That was great fun!

Is there anything you would like to say to other young people wanting to act?

I would say, 'people, you can do it and it will be a great experience for you!'

So, what's next?

Well, I am back at school now at Mary Hare and its nice to see all my friends again.  I would like to do another film.  In fact, I'm going to Italy in September to audition for another proposed film so that is something to look forward to.