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Speak up

Mary Hare School has donated a a 'Speech Trainer' to a charity working in schools for the deaf in Myanmar.  The Speech Trainer is a piece of equipment that helps deaf pupils hear sounds and improve their own speech.  The benefits of the work undertaken by this team are around supporting the deaf child on learning to listen.  The teachers talk into a speaker and the pupil wears headphones which work like a hearing aid enabling them to maximise their hearing.

Two schools, one In Mandalay and one Yangon, were visited by Viv Ogg, previous Head of Audiology at Mary Hare, along with two colleagues, Sue Lewis and Wendy McCracken, on a four week trip to Myanmar.

Viv Ogg first visited the schools three years ago.  Following this trip, Mary Hare  hosted visitors from both schools, enabling them to gain more experience from seeing the provision Mary Hare provides its pupils in Newbury, Berkshire.  During this first visit, Mary Hare School donated the first Speech Trainer to one of the schools.  The school was delighted to donate the second Speech Trainer to the other school for this second trip.