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Mary Hare Science department launched a new after school club this term called The Science Society.  The club will give students the opportunity to see some science that they would not normally see in school.  The club is open to all year groups and for anyone who wants to have a bit more fun discovering more about the world of science.

The first meeting took place in January with a visit from the Newbury Astronomical Society who gave a talk on the solar system.  They brought some telescopes along with them to enable the students to look at the night sky.  Luckily the sky was crystal clear that evening and the students were able to see Saturn and Venus as well as many other objects.  The club, which is geared around all year groups, aims to encourage students to further enquire about the world around them and to look at things with a scientific and questioning mind.

The club was really well attended and the students found some of the facts they learnt fascinating.  There was also much enthusiasm for trying their hand at photographing objects in the night sky down the telescope.

Other topics featured this term include 'My Favourite Science Experiments', a 'Liquid Nitrogen Masterclass' and 'Discovering Dinosaurs'.

With STEM at the forefront of  our curriculum and with the statistics from the National Deaf Children's Society showing that deaf children frequently obtain at least one grade lower at GCSE than their hearing peers, Mary Hare believes in the importance of giving the pupils every opportunity to increase their knowledge of the subject and to enjoy this process.

Mary Hare has a good proportion of pupils going on to take GCSE Triple Science each year, as well as others progressing to A Level in the sciences.


We invited pupils to take photos of the first session on Astronomy and would like to congratulate Isabella,  Christian and  Lilly-May for their photos which were chosen as the top three.

Venus and star clusters by Christian

Venus reflected by the sun by Isabella

Venus in the night sky by Lilly-May