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Voice Box finals

Primary pupil Afaan has made it through to the finals of the Voice Box competition which are to be held at Portcullis House, Westminster on 13th May.

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists run the annual Voice Box competition which is aimed at primary school children.   Each entrant must write their own joke and, if selected, perform in front of a panel at the finals.  An estimated 5,000 pupils per year enter the competition with around 25 being shortlisted for the finals so it is a great achievement to get this far.  The Voice Box competition has given many speech and language therapists the opportunity to engage with local MPs and the opportunity to raise awareness of the communication difficulties that many young pupils face and how they tackle them.

Afaan's joke is

'Why can't a car play football?

Because it only has one boot!'

We wish Afaan the best of luck for the finals.