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Bridging the Gap

Educational Audiologists empower families by bridging the gap between School and Health audiology/technology. 

This was the main message of a presentation by Joy Rosenberg at the HeAL (Hearing Across the Lifespan) conference 2018 with over 600 delegates from 45 countries. She presented the model of service in the UK compared to international models, including Mary Hare’s postgraduate course and the recent historical first of professional registration.  The message proved to be pleasingly synergistic with other presentations from Canada, Australia and the UK; and with delegates from Palestine and Scandinavia, amongst others, one of whom responded by email:

Thank you for your very inspiring lecture. It was really so encouraging and unusual for me to see that others focus on the necessity of proper pedagogical use of assistive listening systems, because in our country I tend to feel I am the only one mentioning this specific focus over and over again.