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Business Studies

Why study Business Studies?

Business BTEC Level 3 is a vibrant subject that involves studying how businesses of all sizes and shapes operate and produce results. We aim to study the vital areas of money and sales, image making and resource acquirement and utilization along with two one-week work placements within organisation known locally, nationally and sometimes internationally. The course is designed to support students who have a particular preference for coursework based assessment rather than terminal examinations. We have a small friendly team that deliver in many different ways not just in the classroom but also through visits to industry. A particular favourite is the annual trip to the Mini factory in Oxford.

Business can open up many route ways to success in a very competitive world. Students can develop their ICT skills alongside report writing, power point presentations and leaflet and poster design. Business can build confidence and nurture communication skills.

What does the course cover and what is expected of you?

Year 1
Three Units of Study

The Business Environment

Business Resources

Business Communication

Year 2
Three Units of Study (these may vary from year to year)

Introduction to Marketing

Business Accounting

Managing a Business Event

The teaching is varied and includes discussion, investigative work, note-making, case-studies, industry visits, work-placements and television programmes. In addition, individual tutorials are organised to consolidate work done in class. It is expected that students will keep abreast of current business and current affairs by reading newspapers and periodicals.

Students are expected to spend 5-8 hours per week on work outside the classroom. This will include reading, researching and writing reports. Students are given guidance to help them develop the skills necessary for these activities. There are no external examinations but there is a strict requirement for tasks and assignments to be completed by the deadlines issued by the teacher. Failure to hand in work by the deadline can result in failing the unit/course.

An induction meeting is held at the beginning of the course for students to learn about the specific requirements of a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma and every student is given a BTEC Student Handbook, which explains how the course is run, appeals procedures and other important topics. All work submitted for a unit assessment must be the student’s own work and a declaration to this effect must be signed.

Where can it take you?

Studying BTEC Business Level 3 can open up many doors including the world of work, apprenticeships, underpinning voluntary work during a Gap year or the most common route undertaking a further education course in a variety of subject areas such as Marketing, Event management, Accounting and Business Management. Undergraduates can major in these subjects and link them to internships and further work placements either within their chosen course or as a separate entity. The work experience element of the BTEC course happens once a year and is invaluable for student confidence and knowledge but also provides vital references from reputable local, national and international employers that can assist the student in their future choices and often open up career doorways.

Entry requirements

Individuals do not need to have studied Business Studies at GCSE to start this course. The main entry qualification is a Grade C or above in English and Maths at GCSE and an interest in business and current affairs.

Course assessment

The emphasis of this Business Studies course is to give students the knowledge and skills needed for working in an organisation. It is a vocational course divided into six units of study and includes a work placement and extensive use of research and case-study material. There are no external examinations. These units of study are first assessed by the teacher, internally verified and then externally verified by Edexcel. Grades awarded are ‘Pass’, ‘Merit’ or ‘Distinction’.

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Student View

“A brilliant course that opens up opportunities to work in real businesses and make real connections with the business world.”

Teacher's Tip

Make sure you keep informed of the world of business by reading a good business section of a quality paper either in print format or on-line.