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Centre of Excellence

We pride ourselves on being a Centre of Excellence for deaf education.  Not only do we have the school at the heart of our community, but surrounding this are a number of businesses and activities, most of which relate to deafness and which contribute much needed additional funds for the school.  These include a highly successful earmould manufacturing plant, a hearing aid repair shop sought out by customers all over the world, a high street hearing aid dispenser and a theatre and conference centre.  We also use our beautiful Greenham campus for weddings when school is not in session as well as welcoming guests to use our residential and educational facilities during the school holidays.

We have numerous members of staff who produce and publish articles and research.  In partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, we train Teachers of the Deaf and run numerous Postgraduate courses in the world of deaf education and Audiology.  We also have strong links with deaf schools and organisations throughout the world.  We pride ourselves on being at the heart of the world of deaf education. 

Furthermore, we have many international links and in the recent past we have welcomed visiting professionals from Canada, Lebanon, Romania, Turkey and Burma.  Staff from Mary Hare have been on reciprocal visits to some of these countries too.

The education of deaf children and young people is at the centre of everything we do – it is embedded in our ethos but we are proud of the diversity of our activities.

So, is Mary Hare a Centre of Excellence?  That’s for others to say.  But we are proud to be the only independent school for deaf children to provide such a wide range of services to deaf children, families and professionals.