Dance in Key Stage 3 at Mary Hare is delivered in conjunction with the Music department.  Pupils study a variety of different dance styles to a wide range of accompaniment.  Through experiential learning, pupils develop their creative, appreciation and performance skills whilst being encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities and school performances.




Introduction to dance, The Spy Dance, responding to a Stimulus, preparing for Performance.


Rock and Roll, Street Dance, Choreography, Preparing for Performance.


Performing a Solo, performing in a Duet or Trio in response to a study of a professional dance work, Individual Choreography / Preparing an Audition piece or Preparing for Performance.

10 and 11

Pupils follow the AQA GCSE Dance new specification, including learning 4 Set Phrases, studying 6 Professional Dance works, develop their knowledge and understanding of good practice and the theoretical aspects of choreography, they perform in a trio or duet, create their own choreography and are assessed in all areas, performance, choreography and appreciation through practical assessments and a written examination.

Btec Performing Arts Level 2 Dance Pathway.  (The equivalent of one GCSE)

Pupils prepare an individual showcase, then prepare for a performance, before completing a final unit, Dance Skills.

12 and 13

A Level Dance or Btec Performing Arts Diploma, Level 3, which is a modular course that can be completed in units and gives pupils a final qualification worth up to the equivalent of 2 full A Levels.

The course offers a great degree of flexibility and can therefore be tailored to meet the needs of individual pupils. 

Pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of working practices, the life of a dancer and how a dancer performs as well as completing a written task in response to a question set by the examination board under controlled conditions.