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Design and Technology

In Design and technology Pupils work on a rotation system spending a number of weeks in each specialist area to gain a complete understanding of the subject and the skill within it.  Rotations are Graphics, Resistant materials, Textiles and Food.

Graphic and Resistant materials:

Year 7, 8 & 9 pupils will work on the following areas, working through investigation and project work:


Term 1 Autumn (7 wks)

Term 2 Winter (7 wks)

Term 3 Spring (11 weeks)

Term 4 Summer (11 wks)


Safety: 2/3D design; sketching; a variety of rendering techniques, copying/scaling; environmental issues; fair-trade; design process; product analysis; research; evaluation; shaping and forming a variety of materials.


Safety: 2/3D design; sketching; rendering techniques; creative thinking; product analysis; mechanisms; structures.

Resistant Materials – Designing for a client, wood, plastic and components; basic electronics, finishing and evaluation. 

Graphics - Comic Book Character development and story – scaling drawings.

 Projects include: Torch, comic book character, structures investigation.


Resistant materials – Designing to a context in Wood, Plastic, metal and electronics.

The Graphics project consists of general principles, isometric drawing, two-point perspective and orthographic drawing. The design process with packaging and advertising theories and nets, with the design and manufacture of a piece of packaging that is fit for a purpose.

Projects include: Lamp, 3D product, Packaging


Pupils in years 10 and 11 study the AQA single GCSE, following a Resistant materials / Product design route.  They will study a wide range of topics, such as: Approaches to designing, Energy and mechanisms, Material, Tools, Equipment and Processes and new and emerging technologies, this makes up 50% of the marks and is the content for the exam in year 11.  They will also complete a coursework (Non-Examined Content) project for the other 50% which will start in year 10 and continue in year 11, the content of this is set by the exam board.