Food Tech




The aim of the unit is to make sure pupils are safe and confident in the kitchen and that they understand hygiene and how to control bacteria. They make a variety of simple hot and cold dishes, including pasta and sauce, bread and make different baked goods. In addition to capability in the kitchen, they are expected to reflect on each dish, analyse the flavours and be able to plan how to make it.


Design and make task Lunch to Go, where pupils make a variety of salad based recipes to develop their understanding of healthy eating and a balanced diet, as part of a healthy lifestyle, before making their own food that could be sold for lunch. Following this we study fruit in hot and cold desserts, with different cooking processes and pastry.


They study recipes and cook with ingredients from different countries, learning how to make a variety of dishes from Mexico, Spain, India and the UK. Design and make their own variation of a classic British dish.


Building skills for GCSE and skills in the kitchen. The emphasis is based on product development, influencing flavour, variety of ingredients, and how to develop dishes for different dietary or market requirements. Pupils have the opportunity to cook for others and develop their skills with advice from visiting guests. In an industrial context, ingredients are studied for use as standard components and producing food in batches. Health and Safety becomes part of daily working practice. Coursework is started in the summer term.