Leave a gift in your will

Did you know that nearly half of people have thought about leaving money to charity in their Wills but only around 7% of people currently leave a gift?  

Can you help secure the future of deaf children and young people? 

We understand that many people are unable give to Mary Hare during their lifetime. A gift in your will allows you to make a charitable contribution at no cost to you today. A gift in your will is tax efficient - gifts are deducted from your estate before inheritance tax is calculated and can reduce the liability to your beneficiaries. 

The generosity of families, former students, teachers helps make Mary Hare a truly wonderful place for the deaf children and young people who attend the school. Many gifts have come in the form of legacies to the school, which have allowed us to improve the school site, build new facilities to help deaf childrens’ education.

In memory

Alternatively you can ask friends and families to make a donation to the Mary Hare Foundation instead of sending flowers for a bereavement.

Valerie shares why she decided to leave a legacy to The Mary Hare Foundation: 

“Over thirty years ago my husband had a personal assistant whose deaf daughter struggled in mainstream education, her mother was dedicated and fought hard for the local authority to sponsor her daughter a place at Mary Hare. Sadly, the Local Authority refused, when we found out we were distraught at the treatment of her family. I offered as a family friend to sponsor their daughter until funding could be secured. Eventually, she won against the LA and I stopped sponsoring her but by then we were invested in the work of Mary Hare as a charity. In the following twenty-plus years have continued to support deaf children in their education and planned to leave a legacy in my will. With the state of education, today specialist institutions such as Mary Hare have never been more vital to give deaf children the future they deserve.” 

How to leave a gift in your will

How Legacies make a difference

Mary Hare’s legacy lives on today. 

She was an exceptional woman who had the foresight in the late 1800s that deaf children required specialist help to enable them to access education. She believed that deaf children were capable of achieving every bit as much as their hearing peers, if the obstacles presented by their deafness were removed. The primary obstacle for deaf children is language. Mary Hare wanted deaf children to learn through reading, writing and listening to English. This remains the single most important aspect of Mary Hare School’s approach to educating deaf children. When Miss Mary Hare passed in 1945 she held the strong belief that a school should continue in her memory. 

For more information on legacies and how to pledge to Mary Hare in your will, please contact us