Sports Appeal

Racing towards £5 million   

Help us to raise  £5 million to build a new sports hall    

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We want to build a sports hall providing:


  • 4-court Sports Hall and Storage
  • 4 x changing rooms (15 person per room)
  • 4 x flexi changing rooms (accessible/assisted/staff)
  • PE Staff work base
  • Coffee point and Laundry
  • Foyer



  • Sports Classroom
  • Small Group Room
  • Dance & Drama studio
  • Fitness room



  • Under 16 sized MUGA

Mary Hare School came to its current home at Arlington Manor near Newbury in 1946.  Over the 1950s the school developed, and a number of new buildings and facilities were built.  This included a school gym and swimming pool, with changing rooms. Since then, the small gym (9.1m x 18.3m) has not changed.  The cramped changing rooms serve both the gym, the pool, and outdoor activities. This limits some of the activities that the young people can take part in. 

Sport is important as part of the curriculum and also for the young people who board and want to take part in physical activities in the evenings and at the weekend.



Help us to raise £5 million

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  • Challenge yourself – will you take part in a sponsored challenge event?
  • Organise an event – coffee morning, plant sale, lunch
  • Ask your company to sponsor Mary Hare

If you want to ask any questions speak to the Mary Hare Foundation team:

by email at [email protected]

or call us on 01635 244 204