What does the course cover and what is expected of you?

Equivalent to 1 A-Level.

The aims of this qualification are to:

  • meet the needs of learners who work or want to work in the IT sector as Database Administrators, Internet/Web Professionals, IT Product Developers, IT Trainers, Multimedia Designers, Network Managers, Software Developer/Programmers
  • allow learners to learn, develop and practise the skills required for employment and/or career progression in the IT and Telecoms sector
  • contribute to achieving the competence required to follow a career as either a Telecoms or IT Professional, whilst containing additional skills and knowledge which go beyond the scope of the NOS.

Below is a current list of proposed units.

Unit 4520-102 Health and safety in ICT

Unit 4520-203 Interpersonal and written communication

Unit 4520-208 Software installation and upgrade 

Unit 4520-302 Health and safety in ICT

Unit 4520-304 Develop own effectiveness and professionalism

Unit 4520-314 Assessment Criteria Working with ICT hardware and equipment

Unit 4520-324 Creating an event driven computer program using

Unit 4520-371 Imaging Software - Unit 4520-372 Database software

Unit 4520-373 Using email - Unit 4520-375 Presentation software

Unit 4520-376 Spreadsheet software Unit 4520-602 ICT fundamentals

The course will be taught in units. There will be emphasis on students developing independent learning skills, carrying out research and taking responsibility for their own portfolio of work. Theory will be taught and regularly tested. There will be a rigid application of assignment deadlines to meet the City & Guilds assessment criteria. 

Students must be willing to spend at least 5-8 hours a week outside of lessons developing assignments and completing other tasks.

Depending on the units selected will dictate how many guided learning hours that need to be done. Minimum Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are 451

Maximum Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are 558

Where can it take you?

The City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence combines well with almost all other Level 3 Qualifications. It is designed to prepare students equally for direct entry into employment, or for progression on to a higher education. Students could decide to go to university or college to take a degree in subjects such as computing, IT, E-commerce or Multimedia, or go onto an apprenticeship or straight into a job in business systems management, e-commerce, management information systems or database management. The skills are transferrable to other fields.

Entry requirements

The entry qualification for this course is 3 GCSE’s at Grade C or above. 

Course assessment

The course is made up of 14 units of study. There are some compulsory core units. All units are internally assessed and subject to external verification. A three-point grading scale of Pass, Merit and Distinction is applied to all Units, and to the overall grade. Distinction is equivalent to an A grade at A’ Level (120 points), while Merit and Pass grades are equivalent to C and E grades respectively.