greeting, personal information (name, age), the French alphabet, numbers to 60, days and months, school objects, classroom instructions, colours, family, pets, physical description, where you live, rooms in a house, simple activities, telling the time


places in town, simple directions, ordering drinks and snacks, morning routine, school subjects, giving opinions and reasons, after school activities, numbers to 100, sports and games, musical instruments, holiday activities, talking about family and yourself, jobs


weather, sporting activities, television programmes, last weekend, making and reacting to invitations, clothes, shopping, food and drink, preparing for a party, eating out, holidays


Personal information, family and friends, hobbies, television and cinema, sporting events, new technology, house and home, town and region, directions, shops and shopping, fashion


school subjects and opinions, daily routine, comparing English and French schools, school rules, future plans, jobs, work experience, holidays and travelling, food and drink, parts of the body, illness, healthy lifestyle, world issues, protecting the environment