Music and Dance at Key stage 3 work together to provide students with opportunities to explore a wider range of topics. Students develop skills in a variety of styles and themes. They have opportunities to perform publically throughout the year, to work with visiting professionals and all take part in the annual school production. Students rotate termly between Music and Dance and explore the same themes through the different subjects.




Elements of Music/Dance, Instruments, Pictures at an exhibition, Performing in a production, developing basic choreography skills, Rhythm and Pulse (stomp)


Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Lindy hop and Jive, Music and Dance from the Renaissance, performing in a production


Use of Music technology to compose, Silent Movies and film music, Music/ Dance from around the world including Gamelan and Samba, Introduction to GCSE Dance set study, performing in a production

10 & 11

GCSE Music: Performing on a chosen instrument, Composing for your chosen instrument, composition and performance  task set by exam board

BTEC Music Technology: – Recording and Producing, Using Sequencing software, Creating a music product, learning about the music industry (external exam in year 11)

GCSE Dance: Critical appreciation of Dance (written Paper), Set Dance, Performance in a duo/group, Solo Choreography and Group ChoreographyGCSE Drama: Devising Theatre, Performing from a Text, Interpreting Theatre