Parents page

About our PTA

We have a great PTA for both the Primary and Secondary schools.  Our PTA acts as a support network for parents as well as helping to raise funds for our school.  You will find them at many of our events including our annual Open Days at both the Primary and Secondary schools where they set up a PTA Information Area.

The PTA have been key in raising funds for things such as volleyball equipment, cooking equipment for the 6th Form accommodation and our most recently refurbished swimming pool.

How can you get involved as a parent?

  • Volunteer your time at events such as Sports Day
  • Join the committee
  • Donate a prize to our tombola stall at Sports Day

What happens to funds we have raised?

Recent examples of how we have contributed:

  • Towards the skateboard ramp
  • Funded training for staff to become qualified climbing instructors
  • Purchased Volleyball equipment for use at lunch and break times
  • Provided cooking equipment and ingredients for the 6th Form pupils, to enable them to cook during the evenings and weekends
  • Provided support for other outside activities and competitions for the pupils


Secondary School Menus

We have just introduced a new rolling 6 week menu which will be repeated every half term.

Please find the menus in the links below:

Week 1    Week 2    Week 3    Week 4    Week 5    Week 6