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Performing Arts

Why study Performing Arts?

Performing Arts helps students to:

  • Develop physical skills and confidence
  • Develop their expressive and creative skills
  • Develop communication skills and team-working
  • Develop critical analysis and self-reflection skills
  • Learn transferable skills that will help them in most of the other subjects that they are studying
  • Become well rounded individuals

What does the course cover and what is expected of you?

This is a very flexible course.  It can be tailored to the strengths of individual students and it is possible to complete units in one particular strand of performing arts such as Dance, Drama or Musical Theatre.  If you are an all-rounder and wish to develop your skills in all 3 art forms, then we can put together a varied programme that will develop your skills and an appreciation of all of the performing arts.

The course has four units, three mandatory units and one option.  Two of the units are externally assessed.

Unit 1 – Investigating Practitioner’s Work (Mandatory)

Unit 2 – Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance (Mandatory)

Unit 3 – Group Performance Workshop (Mandatory)

Optional Units 

Talk to the course teachers to find out what the individual units involve.  Speak to Mrs Barker about Dance, Movement, Improvisation, Musical Theatre or Storytelling, Mr Trigwell- Jones about the Acting, Text, Voice, Improvisation, Variety Performance or storytelling units, or Miss Kennett about any of the Performing Arts Units.

Where can it take you?

Performing Arts can take you anywhere. The skills you develop cross over into so many different areas. You could choose to further your studies and take higher education course in performing, or it could simply help to give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd when applying for your chosen job or course by showing that you have developed a variety of impressive skills. Remember, studying performing arts helps you build confidence and public speaking ability, it is a great way to prepare yourself for any career, your future does not have to be ‘Arts’ related, however, here are some possibilities…

Arts Management / Arts Marketing / Theatre production/ Educational officer for dance company / education officer for Drama company / Dance Teacher / Dance leader / Fitness instructor / Journalist (specialising in the arts)/ professional dancer/professional actor / founder of own dance school / founder of own dance company / founder of drama company / founder of drama club. /choreographer/ artist in residence/ make up designer / costume designer / events manager / promotional manager.

Entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements, however, an interest in Drama, Dance or Performing arts is essential! This course is a natural progression from GCSE any pupil who has studied GCSE Performing Arts, Drama, Dance or Music will be at an obvious advantage. 

Course assessment

Unit 1 – Written assessment, 3 hours (May / June)

Unit 2 – Presentation and Performance (April)

Unit 3 – Supervised assessment period of 5 hours.Digital process log. Video recording. (May / June)

Optional Units – Different assessments depending on the individual unit.Speak to your teachers about the Units you are interested in.

What happens in lessons?

Some lessons will be theory lessons, some are practical.  In theory lessons, you will be watching and analysing professional dance works and learning about the contextual aspects of the performances or the influences of the practitioners.

  • Giving presentations
  • Having discussions
  • Carrying out research
  • Planning and writing up your performances

Practical lessons will consist of:

  • Developing your technique
  • Rehearsing for performance
  • Responding to different stimuli
  • Developing ideas
  • Participating in workshops
  • Devising material

As well as lessons, you will also be expected to attend extra-curricular rehearsals and to go on trips to the theatre to see professional companies performing.

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Teacher's Tip

Don’t think that you have to want to be a performer for this course to be of use to you.  There are so many skills that this course develops that you can use regardless of what you want to do in the future.

It’s great fun! It’s great for building confidence! It’s great for preparing you for university or work.

Come and talk to use about it if you want to know any more information or email: