From start to finish

July 4th 2017

The Mary Hare Foundation launches the Appeal to raise funds to build a new Primary School. Target: £4,000,000

July 2018

£600,000 raised towards the Appeal. August 2018 Planning permission is granted.

July 2019

£2,050,000 raised towards the Appeal. September 2020 Mill Hall (the existing Primary School) is put up for sale.

July 2020

£3,230,000 raised towards the Appeal. Coronavirus delays the start of building work.

June 2021

£3,520,000 raised to date. Builders arrive on site.

June 2021

Groundbreaking event held. Younger pupils put spade in the ground.

September 2021

The 'D' Footprint is in place. The steel frame of school is built.

January 2022

The roof is complete, windows are fitted and we are starting to see the shape of the internal rooms.

August 2022

The keys are handed from our contractor, Beard. Time to move in!

September 2022

Our new Primary School is officially open!