Specialist Support

It is important to us that the children receive all the support they need.  We are an inclusive school committed to ensuring that every child can reach his or her potential in a caring and nurturing environment.

Speech and Language Therapy

We have a team of Speech and Language Therapists who work closely with all pupils.  Each pupil is allocated a therapist who is responsible for speech and language intervention.  They will also provide a detailed report for the child’s annual review.  Children are seen 2 to 3 times a week depending on their profile. This will include individual as well as group sessions.   Sometimes the therapists work alongside the children in class.  Therapists work closely with both parents and staff making sure that targets ar shared.

Group Hearing Aid

Our unique group hearing aid system was developed at Mary Hare School and is invaluable as a teaching tool.  Background noise is cut out and pupils have direct links, not just to the teacher, but to each other.  This ensures they have the best opportunity to learn from each other.


All pupils are Mary Hare Primary school are supported by the school's Audiologists.  Daily equipment checks are carried out by staff and any issues are referred for immediate attention of the audiology team with the aim of maximizing the auditory experience of every student and keeping time without functioning amplification to a minimum.  The Audiology team support school staff, local Audiology teams, Cochlear Implant Centres and the pupil and their family.

Additional Support

All pupils will have a Personalised Learning Profile (PLP), which will highlight areas of need and ensure a programme is designed to support those needs.  If your child is identified as requiring additional support he or she will receive interventions led by a Teacher or Teaching Assistant. Some of the TAs specialise in specific areas eg. emotional literacy, behaviour, literacy intervention. Occasionally a pupil may need expert support from another agency. We have access to a qualified teacher for visually impaired children and we work closely with Occupational Therapists too. Specific targets will be set to support learning, and differentiated learning opportunities will be offered. The success of the interventions will be evaluated regularly with an assess plan, to review approach.

Emotional Literacy Support

As well as support with Audiology and Speech and Language, we place great importance on social and emotional development.  Your child will certainly notice our homely, caring atmosphere.

We have a full-time ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) who works with pupils needing extra emotional support.  We have a lovely area called ‘The Nest’ where pupils can feel relaxed and able to talk.  Lots of beanbags, a lava lamp and lovely wall art make this area a great place to be!

Able, Gifted and Talented

All learners at Mary Hare Primary are provided with a range of opportunities to develop their gifts and talents. Striving for and achieving excellence is enabled and celebrated. We work to ensure a positive environment , where we value and recognise achievement in all areas equally. We aim to provide a curriculum that is appropriate to the needs and abilities of all pupils and where individual potential can be realised.