Secondary History



Term 1: Autumn

Term 2: Winter

Term 3: Spring

Term 4: Summer 


How do we learn about the past?

Local History:  To what extent has Newbury changed over time? 

What was Britain like before 1066?

Who should be King in 1066?

Why did William win the Battle of Hastings

How did William use castles, the Domesday Book and the Feudal System to control England?

How religious were people in the Middle Ages?

 What was it like to live in a village and town in the Middle Ages?

What was the Black Death?

What was the War of the Roses?


What was Britain like in the 1500s?

What was Henry V111's 'Great Matter'?

How did England beat the Spanish Armada in 1588?

How was britain involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

What was life like for slaves?

Why was Slavery abolished?

Why did Britain build an Empire?

How did the British Empire expand?

Why did the British Empire end?

How did Britain change during the industrial revolution?

How were women treated in the 1890s?

What methods were used by the suffragists and suffragettes?

What was the impact of war on women?

Local History: How successful were the women of Greenham Common?


What were the causes of the First World War?

Why did men rush to join up in 1914?


What challenges were face by soldiers in the trenches?

What happened to men who refused to fight?

How did Hitler come to power?

What was life like in Nazi Germany?

How did Nazi policies towards Jewish people change 1939-45?

How far did life imprive in post-was Britain?

How have Civil Rights changed for Black people, the LGBT community and disabled people?