Secondary History



Term 1

Autumn (7 wks)

Term 2

Winter (7 wks)

Term 3

Spring (11 weeks)

Term 4

Summer (11 wks)


• How do we learn about the past?

What was Britain like before 1066?

• Who should be King in 1066?

• What happened at Stamford Bridge?


• What happened at the battle of Stanford bridge?

Why did William win the battle of Hastings?


• How did William use castles, the Domesday Book and the feudal System to control England?

How religious were people in the Middle Ages?


• What was the Black Death?

Who healed the sick in Medieval Times?

• What was it like to live in a village and town during the Middle Ages?



• What was Britain like in 1509?

How did Henry V111 fall out with the pope?

• Remember, remember the 5th of November.


• What was life like in Tudor England?

What can we learn about the Plague from Contemporary sources?


• What was the cause and consequence of the Great Fire of London?

What were Wilberforce and Equiano’s links with the slave trade?


• Continue Slave Trade?

What was life like for different classes during the Industrial Revolution?

• What were Victorian schools like?

• Was Britain a healthier nation in the 19th century?


What were the causes of the First World War?

• Why did men rush to join up in 1914?

• What happened to men who refused to fight?


What challenges were face by soldiers in the trenches?

• What methods were used by suffragists and suffragettes?

What was the social, economic and political consequences of World


• How did Hitler come to power?

What was life like in Nazi Germany?

• How did Nazi policies towards Jewish people change 1939-45?


• How effective was propaganda in Britain during the Second World War?

What was the Windrush?

• Asess the significant changes, developments,