Secondary School Info

Secondary School

Our Secondary School is situated in Newbury, Berkshire on a large site with lots of facilities.  We take pupils from Year 7 right through to 6th Form. We believe we achieve a good balance between the academic and social development of pupils.  Being happy at school is a vital component to learning and achieving potential.

We have been educating deaf children for 130 years and training Teachers of the Deaf (TOD) since 1991.  All our teachers are subject specialists as well as trained Teachers of the Deaf.  We know how to identify barriers to learning and how to help pupils overcome these barriers. 

Your child will be in small classes of between 8 and 12 pupils.  Every class uses the Group Hearing Aid which means he or she will be able to hear others in the class as well as the teacher.  All our teaching rooms are acoustically treated with interactive whiteboards to support learning.  We have pupils from bsl and non bsl backgrounds.  We do not use sign in the classroom but pupils do sign in social environments.  However, our aim is to encourage all pupils to use their voice and to be able to learn without the use of sign in the classroom.  Pupils achieve this successfully.