Can my child join Mary Hare at any time throughout the academic year?

Yes.  We assess individual pupils throughout the academic year.  If we make an offer and your Local Authority agrees funding, your son/daughter can join us at any point in the year.

Assessments are from 3-5 days depending on the age of your son/daughter.  If you are looking for a boarding place then this assessment visit gives your son/daughter an ideal opportunity to sample boarding and social life at our school.


Will coming to Mary Hare help my child to feel more included?

For many pupils, joining Mary Hare means the opportunity to join a community where they will have a large deaf peer group, lots of friends and support and the chance to 'just be' without feeling different.  Many of our pupils say that they felt embarassed about having a 1:1 TA in the classroom in mainstream and of having to be the only one using equipment for amplification.  They will not feel that here at Mary Hare.  They will be just the same as everyone else.

Our pupils make lifelong friends here which continue well into their adult life.


Is Mary Hare a Grammar School?

No. It was founded as a grammar school, but we have the expertise to teach a wide range of pupils, like a comprehensive school. We still have a lot of clever children though!


My child likes to sign. Will Mary Hare meet her needs?

All of our learning is done through speaking, listening to and reading in English, the language of the curriculum and society. Pupils need to want to learn this way, although they will still get the opportunity to sign in their free time.


I don't think Mary Hare could work for us. I would miss my child too much.

You have to remember that every family has felt that way and has had to come to terms with boarding. The fact is that meaningful friendships, lots of activities and having a real sense of belonging, sometimes for the first time, leads to a happy boarding experience for the vast majority of young people. 


My child is very oral and has excellent speech. Is there a danger of them going backwards in a purely deaf setting?

Well firstly, there are many children like yours providing great language models. Then there is the fact that the pupils will hear the voice of teachers and TAs far more clearly here. Your child may well pick up some social sign, which most families welcome as an additional skill.


I hear you do French. Surely my child should be focusing on English?

The majority of our children have hearing brothers and sisters and want to have a similar schooling to them. And actually, French is an excellent way to promote listening and speech. It's a popular subject at Mary Hare.