Specialist Support

Speech and Language Therapy

We have a team of full and part time Speech and Language Therapists at the Secondary School.  Group and individual sessions are available for pupils to improve their spoken language skills and communication.  Pupils do not miss lessons to attend Speech and Language therapy – these are  timetabled for lunch times or after school.  For those pupils requiring additional language support, the Speech Therapist delivers a jointly taught intervention lesson with a qualified English Teacher of the Deaf.  Our team also work closely with teachers giving advice on individual pupils and teaching programmes.



We have our own Audiology department which is equipped with modern audiometric facilities. Our Audiologists can monitor pupils’ hearing on site.  Our Audiology team works closely with the local hospital audiology team and most of the cochlear implant centres in the UK.

We also take our own earmould impressions!  This means that your child will not have to miss valuable time at school to visit a clinic.

Additional Support

Some pupils will have additional special educational needs.  We believe in the importance of the right technology and teaching methods being used for every pupil.  Our SENCO will oversee this additional support and will liaise with our teaching assistants.

At Mary Hare Secondary we support pupils with a range of additional needs, over and above their deafness.

We have a large group of Teaching Assistants, who are given training in additional needs. We currently have specialist TAs (led by the SENCo and the TA coordinator) in VI/MSI; Physical Needs, ASD/ADHD; SpLD; trained intervenors,  as well as a team of speech and language therapists, school nurses and audiologists. We also have regular visits from the sensory consortium and local occupational and physio therapists. All pupils with additional needs have a Pupil Learning Plan which identifies strategies to support them, as well as their own preferences for learning. Pupils are also monitored through the school's Monitoring and Intervention Cycle, should their needs change at any time. Through this system teachers and Teaching Assistants can offer periods of intervention to support their access to learning.

We are accessible to parents at any time and encourage regular contact either by email or telephone, in order to ensure a shared approach of support.