After 6th Form

During your time at 6th Form with us, we will provide you with lots of additional information and skills to support you in your next steps.  We offer advice through the Careers Education and Guidance Programme which will help you whether you are planning to go onto University or the world of work.  We will help you explore the range of post-18 options available including giving you support with writing UCAS applications, exploring gap year opportunities and gaining employment.   Please see our Year 13 Careers Programme here 

We have a specialist Personal Adviser who will offer you individual interviews to discuss your plans.

In Year 12 you will be able to attend the UCAS Thames Valley Higher Education Convention held in Reading.

Work experience

We offer many exciting opportunities for you to get involved with work experience at Mary Hare.  We work with a number of local employers and some from further afield to provide our pupils with work experience to help them make the transition from school into life.