Specialist Support

Speech and Language Therapy

We have a team of full and part time Speech and Language Therapists who provide both individual and group opportunities for you to improve your spoken language and communication skills.  You will not normally miss lessons to attend Speech and Language therapy.  You will normally be seen in a study period.  You will have a 40 minute session once a week although more can be arranged if required.

You will be given areas to work on such as:

  • developing your listening skills
  • improving your voice pitch, rhythm, fluency and intonation
  • improving certain speech sounds
  • learning communication tactics, which is particularly helpful for interviews.


We put great emphasis on you being able to use the residual hearing that you have.  We have very effective systems for making your equipment work properly.We have our own Audiology department with modern facilities.  Our Audiologists can monitor your hearing, take earmould impressions and check your equipment – all on site!Our Audiologists work with cochlear implant teams around the UK.

Additional Support

Some pupils will have additional special educational needs.  We believe in the importance of the right technology and teaching methods being used for every pupil.  Our SENCO will oversee this additional support and will liaise with the teaching assistants.