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Why study STLS?

The STLS Diploma is largely classroom based with weekly ‘on the job’ experience helping in the classroom. This is usually with the younger pupils at Mary Hare and in other schools working with experienced Higher Level Teaching Assistants. 

What does the course cover and what is expected of you?

The course has mandatory core units which provide you with all the necessary knowledge to successfully become a Teaching Assistant. There are also optional units such as ‘supporting extracurricular activities’ and ‘supporting therapy sessions’.

The course is delivered and assessed by experienced Teachers of the Deaf employed at Mary Hare.

Students who would like to study STLS must have an interest in working with young people and children and must be prepared to work hard in both the practical and theoretical aspects of the course.

Where can it take you?

The STLS can lead to you becoming a Teaching Assistant in both primary and secondary schools and gives you a very good foundation to becoming a Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

Courses assessment

There are currently no formal exams but continuous assessment is undertaken.

I have really loved working with the primary children and the Year 7 children at Mary Hare. Going out to other schools was a little bit scary at first but the children seemed to really like me. I really want to be a Teaching Assistant now that I’ve done this course.

The one to one interaction with the staff makes it easier to learn because teaching is directed to your individual learning needs.  You need to feel comfortable interacting with the younger pupils and the teaching staff as an adult at the school.