Wear it Loud

Deaf Awareness Week is an annual national campaign which raises awareness of deafness as well as the associated work that surrounds things such as deaf education.  

Each year Mary Hare runs a Wear it Loud campaign.  We encourage people to wear their brightest, loudest colours in support of deaf education and all that we do at Mary Hare.  

Will you 'Wear it Loud' for Mary Hare and make a donation?

You may want to wear a pair of your brightest socks, or maybe a bright bandana for the day.  Or maybe you will push the boat out and go all out in your brightest outfit to be as visually 'loud' as possible.  Whatever your choice, we hope you have great fun.  

And don't forget to tell your friends, family and colleagues that you are doing it for Mary Hare!

They may even want to donate too, just to see you in those clothes!


Please visit here to make your donation, big or small.  We really do appreciate the support.


Happy hunting for your loudest clothes!