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Why Mary Hare?

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You may be looking at Mary Hare because you want your child to learn using the oral/auditory method.  Your child's first language may be bsl but you want him or her to benefit from an oral education and to manage to access the curriculum without the use of sign in the classrooms.

You may be looking for an inclusive environment where your child will find a large peer group of friends and where he or she will not feel 'different' or 'left out'.

We know that at Mary Hare we provide all these options.

We welcome pupils from all Local Authorities in the United Kingdom as well as from abroad.  We take pupils throughout the academic year and into all year groups other than Years 11 and 13.

Every pupil hoping to join us will be assessed.  The length of time for an assessment visit will depend upon your child's current year group but one thing is definite, we will make sure that your child has an enjoyable visit, gets to know a bit more about us and makes some friends.  We will also make sure that you as a parent will be given the correct information regarding the assessment and funding process.  Our admissions team will be able to answer most questions and if they can't, they will find the right answer for you from other staff members.

For Primary and Secondary School admissions:
Debbie Jacobs
[email protected]
01635 244215