Entry and Funding Procedure

Below is a guide of the main steps on the admissions and funding of your child at Mary Hare. 

  • 1

    Come and visit us

    You can request to take a look around our school and see all the facilities we have to offer using this booking form. We look forward to meeting you!

  • 2


    If you think that Mary Hare could be the best suitable school for your child then you can book in for assessment. Complete this booking form and we will be in touch to arrange a date. Assessments can range from 1 to 3 days depending on the age of your child. Following an assessment, we aim to write to you with a decision within 2 weeks. 

  • 3

    …If we offer you a place

    We hope you will accept our offer. Let us know your decision in writing.

  • 4

    You contact your Local Authority

    The funding procedure begins from this point following your request for your child’s place at Mary Hare School. We will then send a copy of your offer to your Local Authority. Make sure to request a change to the EHCP at your next Annual Review.

  • 5

    Your Local Authority responds

    ‘Yes’, they agree funding for Mary Hare School, or, ‘no’, they name another school. You have 2 months to appeal a ‘no’ decision.

  • 6

    Tribunal Option

    Once you know the date of your tribunal, let us know. We will support you through the process alongside a Family Liaison Officer or an Educational Lawyer. You can also speak to the NDCS and other professionals for support and advice. We will support you as a witness at the tribunal. 

  • 7

    Tribunal Decisions

    There are three possible outcomes. Win, Lose or Concede.

  • 8

    Start Date

    Once funding is agreed, we agree a start date with you!

  • 9

    Still have questions?

    For more information, you can read through our Frequently Asked Questions or download our Funding and Application Advice booklet.