The Mary Hare Foundation

About us

The Foundation was established in 1991 by Sir Philip Wroughton, supported by a group of individuals who wanted to help Mary Hare School by raising funds.  The Foundation is a registered charity (number 1002680).

Since the Foundation was established, we have raised over £8 million for the development of facilities at Mary Hare School.  Our school is the biggest non-maintained special school in the UK.  Whilst we receive funding from Local Authorities and the Government, these only cover the teaching and care of our pupils.  Development of new facilities and updating of existing ones depend wholly upon fundraising and donations.  Our work to raise much needed funds is therefore key to the future of Mary Hare School and its ability to provide excellent provision to so many deaf pupils.

To contact the Mary Hare Foundation office please call 01635 244204 or use the contact form.


Harriet McCalmont, Chairman
Christopher Lumley, Treasurer
Richard Benyon
Camilla Hargreaves
Sarah Henderson
Kirsten Loyd
Kit Loyd
Richard Parry
Andrew Strivens
Emma van Zeller
Georgina Woods


The legal bits

The Mary Hare Foundation is a separate registered charity (number 1002680) that has been established to raise funds for the work of Mary Hare. We depend on the support of donations, grants and other fundraising activities to develop our work in the field of educating deaf children.

You can see our latest accounts here