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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Policy

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Pupil Premium Strategy

Key principles for using the Pupil Premium grant at Mary Hare School:

  • to raise achievements for pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium and to ‘close the gap’ between those eligible and their non-eligible peers
  • to ‘bring out the best’ in this group of pupils
  • to tackle the range of barriers including; attendance, behaviour, self-esteem, improving the quality of teaching and learning, language acquisition, parental engagement and development of literacy and numeracy skills
  • to track and enable thorough analysis of data to identify pupils who are under achieving and why
  • to direct resources and interventions to accelerate progress of eligible pupils and close the attainment gap compared to their peers
  • to use data to carefully track the impact of targeted spending (interventions, projects or pedagogy) on attainment and progress of eligible pupils
  • to have a clear overview of how funding is allocated and the difference it is making to the outcomes of pupils
  • to ensure teachers and support staff know which pupils are eligible for Pupil Premium so they can take responsibility for accelerating progress and accountability is shared across the school
  • to ensure the leadership team and the Governing Body is ambitious for pupils and closely monitors the school’s effectiveness in closing the gap between different groups of pupils
  • to share relevant information with parents of PPG pupil.

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2018/19 and review of expenditure 2017/18

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Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017/18 and review of expenditure 2016/17

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Pupil Premium Allocation 2016/17

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Pupil Premium Allocation 2015/16

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