We have a dedicated team of Audiologist who are based on site and provide support to students and their hearing and equipment. 


Our Audiology department is equipped with modern facilities and the team are available throughout the school day to provide hearing checks, take earmold impressions and maintain students’ equipment.

This means that your child will not have to miss valuable time at school to visit a clinic. Any issues with equipment are referred immediately to the Audiology team.

Our Audiology team works closely with the local hospital audiology teams and most of the Cochlear Implant Centres in the UK.

Support after Mary Hare
As students prepare for their next steps after Mary Hare, whether it is to go into further education or work, our Audiology department will offer guidance to all students on the equipment they need.

Group Hearing Aid

Our unique group hearing aid system has recently been upgraded throughout the school. Developed at Mary Hare School by our Audiology team, it is an invaluable teaching tool. As well as a small, horseshoe-shape desk arrangement in the classroom to maximise on learning and listening between peers and the teachers, each student and teacher also use a microphone that broadcasts through a Juno soundfield system and directly to their personal amplification devices.

The new wireless design of our group hearing aid system means that students and teachers can move freely around the classroom, which is ideal for practical lessons and vocational subjects.