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Applied Science

Why study Applied Science?

Are you the kind of student who loves science, is willing to work hard, but does not enjoy preparing for as many rigorous written examinations? If so, then this highly practical science course may be the one for you. It is ideal for students who feel they may struggle with the demands of a traditional A Level subject, and would also like to continue with all three sciences. However, the course still requires students to sit formal examinations.

What does the course cover and what is expected of you?

This exciting course offers you the opportunity to study a broad science curriculum that focuses on the applications of science in the work place. It gives you a background for a wide variety of science based careers in a range of different industries. The course will be taught over two years for 4 double periods each week. You will study 3 mandatory units (involving elements of biology, chemistry and physics) and 1 optional unit. The optional unit will be chosen by negotiation with the group according to their strengths and interests.

The mandatory units are:

  • Principals and Applications of Science
  • Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques
  • Science Investigation Skills

There is a long list of optional units including:

  • Physiology of Human Body Systems
  • Human Regulation and Reproduction
  • Applications of Organic Chemistry
  • Astronomy and Space Science

The course does not cover the same theoretical depth as a traditional science A Level, but is never the less rigorous and demanding. There are endless exciting practical activities and the opportunity to carry out independent investigations.

Entry requirements

Students would be expected to have passed Science and Combined Science or Separate Sciences with a grade 5 or above at GCSE. The course is not suitable for candidates only studying Level 2 BTEC science.

Courses assessment

The level 3 Extended Certificate is broadly equivalent to an A level, and is graded in the following way:

BTEC Level 3

Pass, Merit, Distinction, Distinction*

Just over half of the marks are awarded based on written examinations assessed externally, but there are also a significant number of marks available for internally assessed coursework assignments.

Student View

“This course was perfect for us as we wanted to learn more about science and there is no exam. We can build up a portfolio of evidence with our teacher’s support.   There are lots of experiments which help us understand the work.  Our visit to a blood testing laboratory in Oxford to see how real science works was amazing!”

Teacher's Tip

If you love science, are willing to work hard, but don’t like the thought of preparing for as many demanding examinations at the end, then the Applied Sciences BTEC course is probably suitable for you. There will be endless opportunities for practical work and as much one to one support as you need to help you through the assignments