Class of 1987 re visit Mary Hare

A group of about 15 members from the class of '87 recently visited Mary Hare.  They were given a tour of the school and met with a few members of staff.  The group were very impressed at the way the school had grown and a few commented, 'why didn't we have all this when we were here?'.

The tour included areas of the school, a boarding house and the 6th Form centre.  On entering the common rrom in Murray House Simon Bill exclaimed  with raised eyebrows, 'Sky...they have Sky with the sports channel...!' 

This was also the first group to have resided in the Wroughton 6th Form Centre block. 

Inside the school building there were a lot of happy faces as they say in their first form rooms once again.  Many commented on how, as adults, the place felt smaller then when they were here as students.  From a technology point of view all were glad to see we no longer have the big grey headphones and even noted the slightly smaller green replacements were filling the waste bins since the introduction of our most recent Group Aid system, which, they agreed, was a vast improvement.  The widescreen TV's in Dluverton Hall that allowed everyone to see the speaker in assemblie was given the thumbs up and the inclusion of text to support the sound and lip-reading on them was also seen as an improvement.

Even though the group saw many things that have improved the lives of the current students, they all looked back at their tine at Mary Hare with a sense of tremendous affection including the great memories and friendships that were forged and which brought them back together again after 30 years since first arriving.