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Media Studies

Why study Media Studies?

We live in a world saturated by the mass media and as a result, we spend a great deal of time exposed to its content. It is estimated that 98% of the UK population own a television and that 80% read a daily newspaper. It has also been suggested that children today spend more time watching television than they do in school. To study the media is to become aware of its potential effect upon us. It is to learn to become critical about the way the world is represented to us through the media and to question the ‘messages’ that are presented. It is about becoming equipped with a set of practical skills so that we not only remain consumers of what the media has to offer, but also learn to become active producers of our own messages.

We must study the media because the media studies us!

What does the course cover and what is expected of you?

You will take between five and seven units, three mandatory and between two and four optional units (depending on the size of units you choose).

You will study the following mandatory units:

Unit 1: Media products and audiences

Unit 2: Pre-production and planning

Unit 3: Create a media product

These units will give you an understanding of how different media institutions operate to create products that appeal to specific target audiences. You will gain knowledge and understanding of the pre-production, planning and production processes and go on to create a media product. Through this you will also develop transferable skills such as planning, communication, adaptability and leadership.

The optional units provide you with the opportunity to broaden your knowledge, understanding and skills in key areas such as, social media and globalisation, journalism and the news industry or advertising media.

In order to complete all of this satisfactorily, you will need to spend at least 5- 8 hours a week outside of school hours on private study.

This is a demanding course. Are YOU up for the challenge?

Where can it take you?

The qualification serves as a good basis for the wide range of occupations within the media industry. Alternatively, the qualification could be used for entry into degree courses in: Media Studies, Film Studies, Photographic Studies, Television Studies and Journalism Studies.

Entry requirements

Four GCSEs at Grade C or above, one of which must be English. A high level of commitment to the subject is essential.

Courses assessment

There is continuous internal assessment throughout the course and formal assessment at the end of Year 1; In January of Year 2 and in June of Year 2.

Units 1 and 2 are externally set examinations. The remaining units are internally assessed and externally moderated.

Exam Board


Student View

“I believe media will be a very important subject for my future. Studying the media has helped me grow in confidence and I have learned lots of practical and theoretical skills as well as being able to present to an audience. I can work to tight deadlines and I have certainly become more creative. Media Studies is a very interesting subject and I always look forward to my media lessons.”