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Principal's Statement

Last week we had to take the decision to close our boarding facilities until further notice. This was based on a thorough risk assessment and on the need to provide adequate staffing, especially at night.

We are currently open to pupils whose parents have jobs on the key roles list and who can attend as day pupils.

Our parents have been hugely supportive of our decisions.

I am pleased to say that the secondary school is running its full timetable on line. Pupils are 'in' their lessons and interacting with each other and their teachers and TAs. Pupils also have other work that has been set as well as a list of useful websites. 

The primary school is still finalising its approach and will be launching its online learning in the next few days.

I am keeping in contact with families and directly with pupils, who must feel very unsettled at the moment, to try to reassure them.

I am very sad to say that we have decided to cancel our annual Open Day at the Secondary school that was due to be on 4th May.  We would encourage all families who would like to visit the school to get in touch once we are open and arrange a visit.  We will keep you informed via our website if we are able to arrange a replacement date.

Peter Gale, Principal