In the first-year pupils will cover; Health & Safety in the studio; machinery safety; basic construction techniques; how to change the properties of materials using heat; how to change the appearance of materials through appliqué and dyeing. Experimenting with different ways of altering colour, texture and pattern on fabrics, analysing these methods and making selections.


Expanding on skills learnt during year 7. Looking at how to create a piece of bonded fabric which can then be used as the basis for choosing complementary colours to a) resist dye a piece of fabric and b) to print a piece of fabric which will then be used with the bonded fabric as machine applique to construct a final product. More advanced construction techniques using the sewing machine.


Look at different methods of constructing fabrics, Bonding, Weaving, Knitting and Felting. They have focused on Felting and different ways of creating felt. Then, using one or more methods learnt they have constructed a seamless piece felt to be used as a final product.

Smart and Technical Materials, pupils learn about their properties, uses in industry and design. Using chosen methods to create a final product.