When Harry met....

We are always very interested and proud to hear what our alumni are doing and were delighted when we had an email from Kirsty Gaffney and Melissa Payne who left for Fiji in September to volunteer in a deaf school.  However their trip got even more exciting when they caught a glimpse of Harry and Meghan.  Here is their account.

'We are very appreciative over the donation Mary Hare raised from the non uniform day and it is a generous gift to The Gospel School for Deaf children.  They are really grateful.  We are in Fiji and it is already four weeks into the trip and halfway through our journey.  We are really enjoying every moment to spend time with deaf children.  We love to teach them in the school, especially that we use our art skills to teach them. They are excited to learn new art skills.  We thank you for the education you taught us for seven years and a huge thanks to all the teachers who pushed us to achieve our path to have our degree.  It is an opportunity to pass to the younger generation of deaf children to teach them what we learned at Mary Hare School and University.  Thank you again.

We were very excited about the Royal visit ad we made some banners for children to hold.  We were standing and waving to Prince Harry and Meghan for a few seconds as they passed us! '

The visit was reported in the Fiji Times https://www.fijitimes.com/harry-and-meghan-visit-duke-and-duchess-arrive-at-borron-house/