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Basic Biology

Our Year 7s have been learning about animal and plant cells in Science this term.  It is amazing what you can do with bags, boxes and lemon wallpaper paste!

The pupils' challenge was to make a  model of a plant cell and an animal cell using these materials and they all certainly got stuck in.                                                     

One pupil was unimpressed with this bit of learning so was challenged by a member of staff to write a poem about why she felt this way.  Read on...


Cells are small but bigger than atoms.

Atoms make the world but cells make a human.

Humans make civilisation and civilisation makes schools.

Schools make children learn about poems and other things.

Poems make me bored.

Me being bored  makes me not focused.

Me not focusing makes me have to do this all over again!

By Sileas, Year 7.