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Celebrating GCSE Results Success

On Thursday 25 August, students at Mary Hare School celebrated as GCSE results were announced.

We are delighted with the results this year and the staff at Mary Hare proud of all of its students who have recieved their GCSEs, always proving to adapt to the obstacles in learning and keep motivated during the challenges presented over the last two years due to the pandemic.

Muhammad Ahmed, celebrates his results,

‘I am happy to finally get my results and to pass in all my subjects even though last few years have been tough for us all. I am looking forward to studying subjects I enjoy at 6th form. Thank you to all my teachers and family for their support!’

Neve Massey, celebrating with an overall average of 7.6., says,

‘As I opened my results, I instantly felt relief, pleased and a sense of joy at the grades I received. I feel very grateful for the support of both teachers and care team at school, who have helped me to achieve my goals and prepare me for the transition to A-Levels’


Neve’s parents share their reflections on their daughter’s achievements, ‘We knew from the first time we visited Mary Hare School that it was exactly the right environment for Neve and we are very grateful for the excellent support and teaching she has received at the school. We feel immensely proud of Neve for the results she has achieved, and we congratulate her on making the best of all the opportunities attending Mary Hare has given her.  We wish her well as she progresses on to her A Levels studies in the Mary Hare 6th form.’

Principal Peter Gale says, ‘Our students face considerable additional challenges, not least in the development of their language to a level that allows them to show their real ability. These results are a testament to the hard work of these young people, who had considerable disruption to their learning during the pandemic. They, their staff and families should feel especially proud of these results’.

Congratulations to all of our students, and we look forward to welcoming lots of you back as you start the next chapter of your educational journey with us, whether it is with A-Levels, BTEC or Vocational Qualifications.