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Confidence on the catwalk

Max, a current Primary School pupil has been making his mark on the catwalk recently.

Max, is enrolled with a talent agent focussing on diversity in the media and sensitive representation of adults and children with a disability as well as an organisation called Spotlight which connects performers with roles in theatre, televisision and film.  Max wanted to go into modelling because of his interest in fashion and the media.  Being photogenic and with his distinctive red hair has made Max stand out from the crowd on many photoshoots.

'Max gained a lot of his experience', explained his mum Andrea, 'when he was runner up in a Phonak marketing campaign and through appearing on TV with his local deaf group and as part of the NDCS 'Raising the Bar' talent show which was filmed by BBC Newsround. It was clear that, from a young age, Max was not phased by new challenges and was not self conscious on stage.'

So what has Max been up to recently?

'Max was selected from his portfolio of pictures for Boden and was invited to a casting in London where he modelled a selection of their new clothing lines.  During the day Max was asked to do a number of different poses, he was filmed and interviewed.  Probably the most challenging part of the day was when Max was asked to  jump in the air and then spin on his right foot!  He was not chosen for the next catalogue shoot but the experience was tremendous and it was great that he was considered to have 'the right look' for the clothing brand.'  

And after Boden?

'Max recently appeared on the catwalk at Lincoln Fashion Week modelling Ted Baker clothes for Debenhams.  He thoroughly enjoyed the day and oozed confidence!' 

Have you seen any changes in Max?

'Max was at mainstream school before Mary Hare Primary where he enjoyed performing on the recorder and the drums.  However he lacked confidence in himself and his abilities, something he has gained oodles of since being at Mary Hare!  He found it difficult to engage in conversation at mainstream because of his deafness and language processing difficulties.  This meant that he was often isolated.  Now he is at Mary Hare it is lovely to watch him progressing to hold meaningful conversations and to actually enjoy engaging with others.  He holds his head up high, his shoulders back and smiles and laughs which we did not see much of before.   Probably the biggest change is that he is now proud to tell people he is deaf.  I think he now feels 'special' and 'unique' rather than 'different' and 'unable.'

Are there any other motivations for Max?

'Firstly, Max loves clothes and is very stylish.  He is becoming a fashion guru, advising me and his siblings on what to wear and what to buy!  Secondly, he is saving up for a Nintendo Switch but he has said that if he earns a lot of money from modelling he would like to take us all to Disneyworld USA!'

Is there anything else on the horizon for Max in the modelling world?

'We haven't got any screenings lined up at the moment although we have had a request to send some self recorded films to an organisation.  We recently declined a photoshoot as we were away on holiday.  At the moment Max is enjoying the modelling as a fun journey and is gaining in confidence all the time.'