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Last day of Primary School at Mill Hall

On Friday 15 July, Primary staff, pupils and their families shared a special farewell, as their last day of the school year also marks their last day at Mill Hall.

The day commenced with a dance the pupils had choreographed to present to the families before heading outside into the sunshine for Sports Day. There was excellent sportsmanship between all the pupils as they made their efforts on the egg and spoon race, skipping, relay and the sprint.



Families and pupils then enjoyed a picnic on the grounds before watching a music performance and presentations from each of the Year 6 leavers about their favourite memories of Mary Hare Primary School.

One family shared a few words to share their thanks and their child’s experience at the school.

‘It has been a real fight to get Elissa into Mary Hare, but every effort has been so worth it. The progress she has made brings me to tears’

‘Every member of staff at Mary Hare has taken such great care of Elissa. The passion you have for your work is evident to see.’

‘I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done… You have opened so many doors for her in the future’

It was a day of many special goodbyes as the staff at Mary Hare Primary say good luck to those pupils making their transitions to Secondary School in September, as well as reflecting on all the many fantastic years of Mill Hall school, as they embark on their big move to the new Primary School this summer.