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Marathon Success for Jeffrey!


A huge congratulations to Jeffrey, who completed the London Marathon on Sunday 2 October to raise money for Mary Hare.

The London Marathon is an iconic running challenge, and one on many people's bucket lists. Jeffrey Wasserman took on the 26.2 miles to support and raise awareness of Mary Hare School, and has so far raised over £6000!

Jeffrey's daughter attends Mary Hare School and, following her experience in mainstream education, he saw the difference in her learning and confidence that the school has been able to bring:

Maya went to a traditional primary school where she was the only deaf student, and she struggled not only to keep up with her hearing peers, but also with her sense of identity. As she entered secondary in Year 7... she has discovered the deaf community, deaf culture, and has learned how to excel with her deafness, not in spite of it.

We were delighted when Jeffrey wanted to raise money for us! The Mary Hare Foundation is a registered charity that has raised millions since it was first establised in 1991 to support the development of new facilities and technologies at the school. We are grateful for Jeffrey's support as the money he has raised will go towards Mary Hare's continued investment  to provide excellent provision to so many deaf pupils.

Jeffrey shares his experience of the day:

I did it!! What a day! A study in Pain and Perserverence.The greatest part of the marathon by far was the nonstop stream of supporters and cheerers lining the course, clapping and honking horns, handing out jelly babies, shouting words of encouragement to keep us going, long after our legs have given up on us. The marathon started well enough. A gray and cloudy start to the race, but we were excited and riding high on adrenaline and nervous energy. The first half of the race was like a breeze, and I was on track to hit my target time by the halfway point. 
But around mile 16 or so I hit The Wall hard. My legs wouldn't listen to my brain, my muscles were giving me every excuse to give up, but I kept pushing on, step by step. The miles slowly ticked by as we all made our way through the Isle of Dogs and Canary Wharf.

From Canary Wharf just seven miles to go. Pretty much a straight shot West to the finish. I willed my leaden legs onwards.I was lucky enough to find the spot at Mile 22 where Maya, her sister Emma and my partner Melania were cheering for me! Some vital hugs and words of encouragement to re-energise me, and I was off for those last 4 miles. The hardest miles of the race, at distances above and beyond my longest training runs.But through sheer willpower (and the cheering crowds) those four impossible miles slowly ticked downwards, as we drew along the Embankment, past Big Ben, past Buckingham Palace, and to that final last stretch towards the Finish Line!!I want to give a hearty THANK YOU to all my donors who have supported the Mary Hare School and my marathon endeavour, you made this all possible!

Some highs and lows, as expected in any marathon! What a fantastic achievement Jeffrey, hoping you are resting well, we are extremely proud!

If you would like to show your support, click here to read Jeffrey's story.